DIY Neutral Rainbow Stripe Wall

diy rainbow wall

Have you seen those self stick wallpapers that are super popular right now? Me too, everywhere! I have been wanting so badly to create a space that is just for me in our house, somewhere not overrun with kid stuff and love those wallpapers but they’re a lot of work to get up and sort of pricey ($400!?). We have had our 4th bedroom upstairs packed full of stuff that needed to be moved to the basement for so long and finally it was time for me to take care of it and start to utilize that unused space!

As you can imagine from the before photo, this room hadn’t been touched in years. Our home used to be the model home for our addition years ago when it was super in to have the tan walls with an accent wall so that’s what we have here. I definitely didn’t realize that covering a red wall would take so much work. I ended up painting one coat of primer and FOUR coats of white paint on that sucker… four.

I wanted to repurpose as many things as I could that I had around the house or in storage and already had this light teal desk and it functions just fine as why get another desk, right? I had the big pot on the right with the stand and the small basket that I picked up from Target last year along with the fan, the desk lamp, the frames, and long stick hanging on the wall. I added some small touches like one of my favorite diffusers for oils, a small plant, and some other little things once I was finished!

My most favorite feature piece of this room is our God’s Fingerprint 18x24” print hanging on the wall. I saw this and fell in love with it and knew it would fit perfectly in this space. Faith has such an important place in my world and I love finding companies who are rooted in faith and stand for what I choose to as well. Instead of framing this piece traditionally I used a wooden hanger in top and bottom that I made and attached hooks for the suede cord you see holding it up! I’ll attach some of my favorite pieces from this brand below, too!

The only other piece I purchased was the cart/tray thing from Target for $50.00. When I got it the metal was sort go like a gunmetal color with I don’t like. I decided to try my hand at spray painting it and boom…love it now and so happy the wood top it came with looks great with gold as well! The spray paint I used was called Metallic Gold Metallic Finish by Devine Color Valspar and was around $8.00. I sprayed one side, flipped and sprayed again and it was dry and ready to be put together in about 4 hours from start to finish!

For our DIY stripe wall, I originally thought of choosing traditional rainbow colors and free handing an actual rainbow shape. I had seen something similar on Instagram and loved it but once I thought about it a little longer (while in Lowe’s choosing colors, haha) I realized that I probably would like that concept way more for a kid’s room instead of my office. I do love a plain white room but felt like I wanted something unique and what I liked, not what everyone else was doing on social media.

I came across those teensy paint samples from Valspar, the already made up containers, and thought, “Hmm, could this work?” Turns out, yes…yes they could work and did! I knew I was only doing one wall so picked out four neutral colors that I loved together along with four mini rollers knowing it would make the project go so much quicker that way. My total cost for the wall (not including the white paint because I was already planning on painting the entire room white anyway, so…) was $40.00. $4.00 per paint sample, $4.00 per roller, and $2.00 per little paint pan.

I freehandedly painted stripes, not measuring or taping off each one, and love the way it turned out. I feel like I truly love it, it’s my own personal space, and the colors work so well together!

The paint colors I used are all the Valspar Satin paint samples in:

  • Pink Breeze

  • Indigo Cloth

  • Hopsack

  • Autumn Russet

doy rainbow wall