We Finally Found The Perfect Stroller!

There I said it. After over four years of searching high and low, comparing models and features for the price and learning the ins and outs of all things stroller related we have our perfect stroller. The Diono Quantum 2. I’m not kidding when it’s perfect and believe me, I’m telling you why!

So for years we have had different strollers and something was always missing from them and it really did make me kind of sad because we use our stroller all the time. Even when there is no child in the seat we still use it. I’m a big overpacker when it comes to our outings. Whether we’re going to the Zoo, our Children’s Museum, the airport, or even on a walk around the neighborhood or to Target, I have my stroller with me along with all kinds of other necessary stuff, haha.

My husband is 6’3” and I’m only 5’, so obviously there’s a huge height difference and the Diono stroller is the only stroller I’ve found where you can adjust the handle height in seconds for any height! I love that feature! I have always wanted a stroller that has a rotating seat but every stroller I found that was of good quality was way too pricey for us…until our Diono stroller. In 5 stinking seconds I can switch the seat around and I'm obsessed with having Brody face me. I don't know why it’s important to me but I just don’t like him always having to face out when we’re in public places…call me crazy, I don’t care! The seat is also removable for storage in my car so it makes the stroller lightweight and easy for me to store for sure. There’s also a carrying strap that I love!

We started using our Diono about two weeks ago and obviously neither of my kiddos are babies but I do need to point our the stroller’s canopy… it literally covers everything. I couldn’t believe the sturdiness of it when I opened it up and had the entire seat covered. If you have a baby or are in the market for a stroller with a huuuuge canopy that won’t blow down with the wind—this is it! As I mentioned, we have two kiddos, 4 years old and 2 years old, and sometimes our four year old doesn’t want to walk or gets tired still and I love love love that you can add Diono’s Hop + Roll and boom… a double stroller is yours!

There’s nothing I don’t love about our Diono Quantum 2 stroller, it’s perfect for us and for you too!