There are so many things we face each and everyday that can try their hardest to bring us down, right? I’m talking about social media, all the perfect bodies and lifestyles people show us whore trying to make money off of our insecurities. We, myself included, have got to stop comparing ourselves to strangers on the internet! I’m talking about the pressures to do things we know we shouldn’t do to try to fit in with people we probably shouldn’t even be hanging around with in the first place. I’m talking about feeling guilty because we suffer from depression or anxiety and need extra time or attention given to certain things for us to be able to find peace.

lularoe Carly

I adopted a saying that I really just say in my head either to myself or to others when I’m feeling judged. VERY occasionally I will say it outlaid to someone else but when I do, you’ll see why, but they have nothing else to say to me and it’s glorious because it works the same way when I say it to myself when I’m thinking negatively! When I start to think negative thoughts about myself say…about my weight… I say, “And…?!” And what? And you can’t change this overnight, Leah, so stop harping on yourself about it. There are plenty of days that I feel like I look like total crap. Life just gets in the way of my self care and I haven’t showered, done my hair, put on any makeup in days, and i’ve worn the same clothes over and over and over. I get the urge to stay inside the house and be a hermit. And…?! And that’s not going to help your mood, your positivity, or your outlook, Leah, so get yourself up and take your kids to the playground, go to Target, take that shower you’ve been putting off! When I am scrolling through Instagram and I keep seeing over and over the perfectly decorated, brightly lit homes filled with happy kids and made up Mamas in photos I start thinking about my house and how it kind of looks like a disaster zone most days with kitchen counters covered in fast food bags, craft supplies, and kid cups … I start feeling like I’m not doing enough. I’m not cooking at home enough, I’m not vacuuming enough, I’m not on the floor playing with my kids enough, I’m just not enough. And…?! And your family is alive and your kids are happy and thriving and that’s something to be proud of, Leah, so be proud!

It’s good, for me at least, to once a day look at the things in my life, the people in my life… and consciously think about all the good. If there is something that’s bothering me or bringing me down I try my best to remember the good and if I don’t feel like theres any good there, I’ll think about ways I could change it or my thinking to make it into something positive.

The next time you’re thinking negatively about yourself or something in your life I challenge you to say “and…?!” and fill the end of that thought with something positive. The way we think has so much to do with our own happiness and the joy were able to spread so let’s all remember that!