Are You Part Of The Happy Hearts Club!?

Ok yes, I will admit that I occasionally like to document my outfit of the day… There, I said it! I try my hardest to not come across as a vain however I share outfits not as a way of getting praise but as a way to inform y’all of something I love!

lularoe jessie dress

This month is all about love and I’m excited to be partnering with Lularoe in regards to their Happy Hearts Club collection! I’ll admit that although I’m admittedly a huge leggings wearer I’ve never tried Lularoe leggings. Wow… I have been missing out! Lularoe leggings are like butter! You can see below how a size 4 fits my 4.5 year old daughter (for sizing reference). They’re form fitting but very very comfortable and just, like I said, SO SOFT! I loved seeing how the leggings fit me as well. Being only 5 feet til sometimes it’s a huge challenge finding bottoms that have the right amount of give where I need it but these are perfect.

I Also have been living in the cardigan, again so stinking soft, and it’s nice and warm without being bulky. I’ve been snuggling up every night in that baby!

My favorite piece so far has been the Jessie Dress. Like I mentioned above, I am only 5 feet tall, so finding dresses that work for me and that don’t look totally frumpy (since I like a loose fit) can be a challenge. The Jessie has pockets which, for me as a Mama, is a must and although I don’t mind the look of the dress when untied, I definitely prefer it being tied for my look! It’s so simple to tie and untie and find what style works for me with the fabric and the ties last all day!

Now I don’t know about you, but being a work from home Mama of two toddlers doesn’t always leave me with a ton of time to get ready or even put too much effort into my style and outfit. I have two things I that I do to add to my outfits which always make me feel more put together and confident in what I’ve chosen:

  1. Wear shoes that aren’t flats

  2. Add a hat

lularoe happy hearts club

Being 5 feet tall (obviously is an issue for me because I’ve talked about it so much! haha) I will never turn down a chance to wear some sort of heeled shoe or boot unless I’m planning to walk around a ton. I like the way adding a heel can make the leg appear longer and it definitely helps with my posture while standing! I have spent so much time searching for boots and wedges that don’t hurt my feet after standing for awhile so I have a couple go-tos!

Let’s talk hats. I. Love. Hats. I used to wear baseball caps when out and about with the kiddos until I cut bangs which is when I stopped but I was always curious about the fedora type hats that I’d see bloggers and fashionistas wear. Last Fall I finally took the plunge and bought my first hat. I have been hooked ever since and always grab a hat to dress up any look! Hats are my number one accessory fo-sho!

There you have it, my mom-style in a nut shell, haha. Wear whatever pieces you love however you’re comfortable wearing them! Lularoe has so many options and I cant wait for you to check them out!

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