Brody’s Room Tour

I was asked recently why I never share photos of the kiddos in their rooms and I DO actually it just might not be obvious. I’ve been asked to share the boy’s room ever since I mentioned it’s the most minimalist in our house so here we go!


When we moved in and before emily was born this room was your standard boring as crap tan or taupe or whatever. It stayed that way all the way through emily being in here for two years and during Brody’s first year. I was so done with it! I fell in love with the idea of an all white home, even though my mind is now changing sometimes, and decided to paint his room white. Well, turns out I chose Silk white which is actually a really really light lavender. Soooooo, for another year Brody lived in a lavender room. 🤷🏼‍♀️


Finally I made my mind up and chose this green color for his room update. I wanted a color that wasn’t too kiddish but that was a little darker and just something different. I was tired of following the trends and all that.

The only pieces of furniture we have are of course his crib and dresser. I’ve been minimizing and Marie Kondoing our whole house and love that I can clearly see everything he has all at once and we’re not overflowing with clothes!

His blankets are a work in progress. Emily survives with three rotating blankets but Brody is a different story. He is obsessed, and so am I, with muslin blankies. I’ve got the thicker ones we like to use for the stroller and car or cold weather in the corner and others rolled up above his hangers! Easy peasy.

I don’t keep many toys in his room at all and I like it that way. We do have his work station up here along with some blocks and stuffed animals. That’s it!