Our Easy + Natural Way To Boost Our Immune Systems

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I have a love/hate relationship with the thought of being intentional with everything I do. I am still learning and sometimes I just want a quick way to do something without having to research it but then I end up using things I never wanted to use. I’m talking about products with fragrance in them or even some medications that are over-the-counter that I just now am learning have other options.

With both of the kiddos in school, well preschool, I totally get that colds and sickness is unavoidable but I want to be able to help prevent those things if I can instead of only relying on treating them. Something I have found that I love doing with my essentiaL oils is to make rollers for different things! Now, I had a list of recipes and made a lot of rollers in one night and let me tell you…my fingers hurt so bad the next day from taking apart those dang roller bottles so I totally recommend buying a little roller bottle opener for like $2 (which I have yet to buy, haha).

My current favorite roller which is used on the spine and the feet of every single person in our family in the morning and at night is and immunity booster. Here is my recipe:

  • 10 drops Purification

  • 10 drops Lemon

  • 10 drops Thieves

  • 90 drops carrier oil, I used this one but probably won’t buy again because it leaks (for me at least) when on it’s side and my kiddos accidentally knock it over and I don’t see it for awhile, haha

Boom, you’re done! Now, I love love looooove the smell of Purification, it’s probably my favorite right now to diffuse in bathrooms and the kitchen along with Peace + Calming. I love the way Lemon smells and it’s one oil that, for me at least, will help overpower some other oils that I hate, like Cedarwood. I have always liked the scent of Thieves as well so this mix is an easy favorite that I especially like to smell after it’s on.

roller bottle for essential oils

I picked up some of these pretty little roller bottles on Amazon, like $0.50-$1.00 a piece and they’ve been the perfect way to store my mixture and they make it super simple to apply.

Let me say again that I AM NOT HERE TRYING TO SELL YOU OILS. I only share the oils I actually use and love that have become part of the way I have minimized the amount of things in our home and helped me get rid of all the toxic crap in our house! If you do want to learn more about any of the oils I mentioned above you can click here and you do get a nice discount if you sign up for Young Living even if you don’t sell like me :)