Be Still


"Be still, and know that I am God." ~ Psalm 46:10. ⁣
This week has been go-go-go for me.  If I'm not doing something for Emily, I'm doing something for Brody.  In the very rare down time I have during the day when I know I should be doing something for myself, I end up vegging out OR planning what tomorrow's happenings are.  I can just feel my anxiety creeping up each time I think about what we have to do the next day and then when something changes at the last second I'm thrown right into that "start of anxiety attack" feeling.  If you suffer from anxiety you'll know what I mean.  It's just the worst and I try not to take it out on my babies or husband even though a lot of the time he's the one who gets “The Wrath of Leah"... I've been working on it though!  I really have. ⁣

I recite that little sentence over and over again in my head or out loud and it helps.  The more you recite or read scripture/passages/quotes from the Bible the more of Jesus is in your head and less room for other things.  The devil is nasty and will try and sneak his way into your thoughts and actions any time he sees a chance.  When my imagination or mind is running amok (The Office reference!) I say Psalm 46:10 over and over again.⁣