A Quick Fix To Upgrade Your Space & Relax

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Sponsored by One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Fall, my favorite season of the year. Followed way too closely by my least favorite season, haha! As much as I love the Fall season and everything that comes with it; the cool air, the drinks, the festivals, the sweaters, the boots, the colors, I can't really stand winter. It's so easy right now taking Emily to school each morning and picking her up even though I have Brody with me and I'm kind of dreading those winter days when there's a foot of snow on the ground and it's like an hour process twice a day! I've partnered with One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning to bring you a super simple way to ensure that at least your home, like ours, will be comfortable throughout any season, and will allow you and your family to enjoy each other.

So I'll be real with you guys and let you in on a little secret... I don't know anything about taking care of a house.  I mean, I know how to take care of all the things and people inside of the house, just not the house itself.  I think that's kind of common though, especially if it's not something you've ever had to do, right?  (Trying to make myself feel better, ha!).  For some unknown, to me, reason our house wasn't getting as cool as we would have the temperature set.  I wanted to have our air conditioner looked at but also wanted to make sure the thermostat we were using was the best for our lifestyle.  I don't know if you have seen some of the newer thermostats but they're pretty amazing.  I'm talking wi-fi enabled, touchscreens, nightlight capabilities, you can set schedules for different times of the day, and (my favorite) you can access and change your settings...from. your. phone.  There's no way I'll get tired of having that capability! 

When I scheduled our service call I loved knowing that One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning is part of the Direct Energy family of brands and have independently owned and operated in several locations around the country. I felt like I could really trust them and let me tell you, the service was awesome! Our technician was so kind and patient, I couldn't have asked for a better person to come to our home. Being at home alone with two sleeping toddlers I was happy to know that One Hour's team are background checked, eceive ongoing HVAC training, and are clean and courteous!

Turns out, out air conditioner was leaking!  I was shocked and didn't even really know that could happen but of course was so happy I called One hour out to take a look.  No wonder our house wasn't getting as cool as we'd have it set to.  Our new thermostat is pretty dang cool, too.  It has all the phone capabilities, wi-fi enabled, and I love that we can use it as a nightlight like I mentioned above for the kiddos.  Now we can totally enjoy our little fam bam anywhere in our home and it gives me a little bit of peace knowing everything is up to date and has been checked for the cooler months coming.  I can't control the weather but at least I know we'll be comfortable inside together!

To find the location near you, visit their website or call 855-One-Hour.

Sponsored by One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.