Mama Confessions: Free Time


How funny is it that so many times throughout the day I crave alone time but once I get it all I can think about are my babies?!  I know, it's so sappy to say that but it's true!  I always want to know what they're doing and see how much fun they're having but at the same time I know we all need some solo time.  There are a couple things we do that offer me some alone time throughout our week that the kids love.   

We’re so lucky to have grandparents who adore our kids and love watching them!  I love knowing that it’s not only me and the hubs that benefit from the kids spending time away from us!  My parents live totally outdoors pretty much and the kids love it over at their house.  They get to pay all day in the pool, garden, and see all kinds of animals!  

Something we've started to do even though I stay at home with the kids and don't work out of the home (meaning we never really need a babysitter) is to get a babysitter!  Instead of having our sitting over when Scott is at work for me to get out of the house we've started having her over either in the morning when Scott is home or for date-nights!  Having our sitter over in the mornings has been so beneficial for our family!  It allows us time to relax or get things done around the house without feeling like we constantly need to be worried about what our toddlers are doing or feeling guilty because we're not 100% paying attention to them!  I know, I know, kids are supposed to see parents doing things around house, and they DO, but allowing them to socialize and play with someone else is also great for them!  

Now that both kiddos are big enough to play independently and we feel comfortable letting them run around I love meeting up with some of our friends for play dates!  There are usually lots of options for indoor play in lots of cities if you research a little bit.  Check churches!  Our church has an amazing huge indoor play park with a 4 story tall jungle gym for kids plus a toddler area.  Letting them run free while we chit chat with our parent friends is always relaxing.  I'm usually a hover-mom, I can't help it, but doing things like this where I pretty much know they can't escape is giving me hope that I won't always be, haha! 

We all love and need our solo time and hopefully these little tips can help you get some more!