Repetition Is The Name Of The Swim Game


We've been pretty lucky with Brody's swim lessons through Goldfish Swim School.  He goes consistently, learns every time he goes, and really seems to love it!  Emily is a different story.  It's no secret that she hasn't loved her swim lessons in the past.  For the longest time she's refused to go or even to stay in the water once she's finally decided to try again.  We gave her the option last time of telling us when she's ready and once she did, it was the same thing again.  She screamed and cried because, turns out, she hated getting her head under water.

Brody started swim classes earlier and became a little fish!  He loves water, going under, using his kickers and pullers, and the bonding time with Daddy!  We've been so lucky with him.  At the same time I know that part of the reason Brody is so great is because we consistently take him to his classes.  I mean, duh, that's gonna help the most!  

Repetition is key when it comes to kids.  Think about it, even getting kids into a bedtime routine is important.  Structure is one of the things kids need most even if they act like they hate it.  I've decided that in Emily's case I need to start making the decisions for her.  I can't let these younger years where she can grasp so many things easier slip away from her!  I'm not loosing anything from her not going...she is!  I can't do that to her any longer. 

So, next week is the week we're starting to go religiously and trying to be intentional about making our swim lessons a priority!  Wish us luck!

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