Keto Update: Two Weeks


Two weeks... Two weeks done and I feel accomplished!  Every other time I’ve tried to start this way of life I’ve given it only one day or even half a day and given up.  Two weeks to me feels like forever because of that.  I’m lucky to have Scott supporting me, doing the keto things too, and offering to get me whatever I need, make me food when I don’t feel like doing it, and just being there when I need to complain! 

So here’s the deal: 

  • Weight lost: 7 pounds
  • Energy is WAY up
  • I’m happier
  • Sleeping earlier
  • Keto flu is over! 
  • No sugar cravings
  • Not feeling hungry  

I’ve lost seven pounds in two weeks.  That’s pretty awesome for me considering any other “diet” I’ve tried I’ve lost about a pound a week at the most.  Seven pounds seems outrageous to me but I know a lot of it is water.  I definitely feel less bloated.  My energy levels after a couple days, probably 5 days, went way up.  I actually want to go on walks with the family, I want to dance with my kiddos, I don’t mind that Emily wants to stay up past her bedtime.  So many other things that I’ve wanted to do that I used to be too tired to have the energy for.   

I used to stay up until midnight or one in the morning because my mind wouldn’t go to sleep.  After two weeks on keto I’m able to fall asleep at the latest, 11 pm.  That’s a huge improvement so far and the more I play with my kids, take them swimming, DO things with them the more I’m worn out which, of course, helps me get real sleep! 

I got hit with the keto flu early.  The day after I started I was having horrible headaches due to my lack of caffeine.  I’m addicted to caffeine and I quit cold-turkey with only drinking water.  That wasn’t good for me at all!  I started allowing myself a Diet Coke a day to get my fix to at least get me through until I can wean myself off.  So, these caffeine related headaches plus the keto flu side effects took a toll on me and had me suffering for about four days.  Once that was over I was like a whole new person!  

I was also highly addicted to sugar.  I haven’t had any real sugar cravings this past week and a half.  I still would love a huge thing of ice cream but I know it’s better if I don’t tempt myself.  I’ll fail, I know I will.  My willpower isn’t there yet!  I don’t really seem to get hungry until about noon or sometimes 2 pm if I’m out running errands and such.  I try to intermittent fast from the time I’m hungry to about 7-8 at night.  I’ve seen the quickest results when I’ve eaten once a day though.    

I saw an ad for Wink Ice Cream and it looked awesome!  I've tried other low carb ice creams before and didn't like them but heard awesome things  about Wink Ice Cream so I wanted to give it a try! 

I was kind of excited to try it out, to get my fix again.  I sought out one of the two stores around me that carried it and picked up a pint for myself.  Each pint had only 4 net carbs so I was WAY too excited to try it!  Before I left, the employee told me to think if it as a frozen "treat" not ice cream because it doesn't have the same texture as ice cream.  I didn't want to get my hopes up do I kept that in mind.  Watch this little video to see what I thought...

In order to test the ketones in my system I rely on these test strips.  They easily measure and give you results immediately.  They may not be 100% accurate since you’re not measuring blood but at least I have a sense if I’m doing something right or not!  

I love seeing non-scale weight loss victories!  Backstory; I haven’t been able to wear my wedding ring set for months.  My fingers just wouldn’t fit anymore.  A week and a half into the keto diet and I’m able to put them back on and have been loving that!   

Let’s Talk Food: 

My favorite meal by far has been quesadillas.  I’ll fill a tortilla (4 c.) with cheese (1 c.) and heat it up, serve it with salsa (2 c.) and sour cream (1 c.) for an obvious total of 8 carbs.

I’ve been loving these quesadillas so so much this past week however I think it’s been hindering me.  I haven’t gained anything but I haven’t lost anything either.  So from here on out I’m going to ration my quesadillas, haha.  I definitely won’t be having two every single day!  I love sour cream and just discovered this squeezable version and it’s a game changer!  So so simple, no mess, no fuss... soooooo go get this sour cream!  Haha!