Documentary Sessions: The Fergusons


Sometimes you meet someone through social media and almost instantly you know you're going to be friends.  Yup, things are just that easy.  You have the same interests, kids around the same age, same home life situation.  This is where I introduce you to Ashleigh!  She is a Mama of two boys, a photographer, a filmmaker, a blogger (, and even my hair stylist!  She just does it all and is making her way through life with so much grace and humility.  She's so sarcastic and it gets me every time!   

I was lucky enough to get to spend a morning with her and her boys while Daddy was out and let me tell you what, they didn't hold back anything!  I loved seeing how real they were.  I saw everything from older brother being shy to change his shirt in front of me to him peeing in an indoor plant!  I saw all the love that these two little humans have for their Mommy.  Okay, before I get too sappy let's see some photos! 

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