Indoor Fun For Hot Days


Oh Indiana.  Sometimes you’re cold, sometimes you’re hot, like sweltering hot, and occasionally you’re perfect.  We’re not planning to move anywhere else so we’re stuck with Indiana weather so we’re learning to make accommodations.  


I was looking for a way to have my kiddos get some energy out while they were inside our house.  Yes, we could go outside to the pool but even for this Mama-that’s HOT sitting outside.  I do occasionally get in the pool with them buuuuuut then I end up getting water squirted in my eyes, water poured all over my head and wind up totally drenched and sometimes I just don’t wanna be that way!  Haha! 


I came across this awesome indoor playground from EZ Play Toys and I sort of fell in love!  It’ll eventually go in our basement once we’re finished remodeling it after the flood we had but for now it’s in our toy room and the kids LOVE it!  It’s fun because I can let them play together and they figure out how to play and use it even as a fort!  We’ve thrown blankets over it so many times and they’ll spend so much time in there! 

Scott took it upon himself to put this playground together for the kids and I was pretty surprised that it only took him about half an hour!  I was expecting it to take a LOT longer but nope!  Another feature I love that we haven’t tried out yet is storing it.  Everything stays in tact but it folds up for extra space saving!  We haven’t stored it yet because the kiddos are literally playing on it everyday, so what’s the point, but you know!  


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