Dreamy Photos With My First Born


How do we as Mamas get so stinking lucky with our babies?  Man, I must have done something right to be blessed to call this little one my daughter.  I love everything about her!  Her sweet smile that she knows how to turn on when she wants something, her quirky imagination, her attitude (yup, even that!), her wittiness, how kind her heart is, goodness I could go on and on!  


I wanted to capture us as we are right now and I was so happy to have Stephanie from Doodlebug Photography get it just right!  When I was deciding on what to wear I went with a matching set from Ele Story and oh my goodness, talk about perfection!  My top and Emily’s dress are some of the most well made princes we’ve ever had. They fit true to size and are so versatile!  I can tell you from experience that even with me dripping sweat from the 100° heat inside a greenhouse—these pierces still looked great and held up perfectly after washing and drying them!


I’ll cherish these photos forever!