Summer Lovin', Making Memories

Oh Summer 2018, you have a special place in my heart already.  I've watched my kiddos love on each other so much this summer, both of their little personalities have developed a LOT over these past few months, we've had so many fun pool days and adventures with our little fam bam, and not to mention big sister starts her very first year of school!  

I want to remember this summer more than anything!  I've partnered with Snapfish to do just that!  Did you know that you can personalize so many different types of products on Snapfish's website to save forever or even to give as gifts?  Yep, it's true!  


One of my favorite and super affordable pieces is The Everyday Tote.  It's so versatile and big enough to take anywhere; your Farmer's Market, the beach, Target!  Emily shows you how cool it is to carry your toys to the park and play!  


I fell in love with so many things and one that will continue to bring us lots of fun memories are these awesome and super silky soft beach towels!  Emily picked out the dinosaur print for her and Brody and we've already used them at swim class, our pool, and of course sunbathing by the window when Mr. 2 Year Old Know It All insists on wearing his swimsuit all day long!  We've already planned a picnic date with our friends and are planning on bringing these babies along for that, too! 


I ordered these adorable 4X4 prints right from our Instagram and had the kiddos make little DIY frames for the grandparents.  We had so much fun and I know they'll love these forever!  I love seeing my babies' creativity come out and I tried my best not to hinder it!  It was so simple to import some of my favorite photos right from Instagram so ordering was quick and easy.

If you're looking for something to do that's affordable and fun for you and your kiddos to make even more summer memories together, be sure to visit Snapfish here and use the code SUMMERFUN40 for 40% off!