Indianapolis: Newfields, Cereal Cinema


I love love LOVE finding new things to do with the family that are local.  Emily has always liked going to the movies ever since we saw Trolls {her first ever movie in a theater!} and it's always a good time for us too.  When I heard about Cereal Cinema at Newfields there was no way I could pass up on the chance to try it out with Emily!  I had no idea what to expect other than knowing what the theater looked like because I'd been there before.


Let me cut to the chase before I even get into anything else; it was awesome!  Cereal Cinema is a family friendly event held on some Saturdays where a fun family film is shown on the big screen all while a cereal bar is available!  I mean, what could be more fun on a Saturday morning, right?  


When my husband and I go to the movies we always try to sit near the back of the theater and when Emily and I walked in, the back was taken.  We meandered to the very front row, cereal in tow, and surprisingly, I feel like we had the best seats in the house!  Newfields had three huge comfy beanbags up front for kids {parents too} to share and being in the front row made the whole experience even cooler for Emily, I think.  The characters were way larger than life and she loved it.  I really loved how the lights weren't all the way turned off like a regular theater's would be.  That offered some help when it came time to eat our cereal and it also let me see my sweet girl when she was dancing up by the little stage area with the music! 

Would we go again?...  YES!  !00% yes, in fact I'm already looking at what movie is next month!  Free parking, easy access, clean environment, happy kiddos...and of course, cereal bar! 


To learn more about Cereal Cinema at Newfields, click here!