Everyone Is Doing Keto, You Should Too!

Photo credit:  Ashleigh Ferguson /Dress:  Free People

Photo credit: Ashleigh Ferguson/Dress: Free People

Okay, okay, I'm only kidding.  I'd never pressure anyone into trying something they weren't comfortable with!  But anyway...

Here I am, almost a year after I first began the keto diet for the first time.  Yep, you read that right!  I've started and fallen off the band wagon so many times in the past year, it's crazy.  I can't blame anyone or anything other than myself either.  That's the tough part.  I have a supportive husband who even does the diet with me (!), the time, the ability to schedule, I literally just have zero motivation.  The only motivation I ever get is at 11:00 pm when I'm satisfied eating ice cream and can look at or think about food without wanting it all.  

I think I really do, honestly, have an addiction to food.  To sweets and dairy specifically.  I crave ice cream like you would't believe.  It's like a drug to me, I'm happy when I have it and it's all I can think about {when I have time, of course} otherwise.  

This cycle has got to stop.  I've seen family and friends quit their addictions, smoking/alcohol, cold-turkey and I feel like that's what I need to do because if I try to wean myself off of something it's never going to work.  I know me, it won't work!  I literally can't have sweets in the house and really it's hard when I'm even around them right now.  I'm hoping that my go at the keto diet this time around will help cure me of this issue.

Sunday, two days from today I'm starting back up with the support of my husband.  He's doing the diet with me in an attempt to keep me in check.  He loves the benefits from the keto diet too, the energy, mental clarity and all, and I do too!  If you have any extra will power, send it my way!!

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