Mama Confessions: I Only Wear Yoga Pants... & I’m Okay With It!

We’ve all heard it, “Oh you just wait...”.  That statement followed by all the (probably) hundreds of things first time parents have heard from family and friends.  “Oh you just wait until she starts crawling.”  “Oh you just wait until she tastes real food.”  “Oh you just wait until you have your second one!”  So many oh-you-just-wait statements, right?  


Before I had kids {let me try to think back that far}, I felt like I actually had a pretty good sense of style!  I mean, nothing like the fashion bloggers who’ve exploded all over Instagram, but I could put together an outfit, enjoyed shopping, and had the time to take care of myself and my clothing!  Fashion was something that was fun for me, a way to show my personality.  

When I became pregnant with Emily I was all into the cutest maternity clothes, I always wanted to show off that bump, and I loved having all these different styles to wear.  Well here I am almost five years after finding out we were pregnant with. Our first kiddo, and I’ve yet to get back into my fashion loving groove but you know what?  I’m okay with that!  

So much in my life has changed from kids to jobs to my outlook on life.  I know that outward appearance isn’t the most important thing but I also understand that sometimes it can make a difference!  Occasionally I will get the chance to shower, haha, and take some time getting ready for my day or night.  Usually I find myself getting my hair brushed and putting a little makeup on around 1:00 pm when the kiddos are napping, but hey-I’m okay with that.  

For most of my stay-at-home/work-from-home Mom-life I wear yoga pants from Old navy that my fellow Mama bff turned my onto and let me tell you-it’s amazing what you can do in yoga pants!  I’m not even joking, that’s a serious statement!  At Target, they love my yoga pants, at home my husband loves my yoga pants, my Mom loves my yoga pants!  I haven’t worn a pair of real pants, other than jeans I think maybe four times, in the past three years and it’s been glorious.  

So to all the fashion bloggers I love following on Instagram, cheers to you because you make it look easy!  When I do end up going out on a date with my husband or to an event you’ll most likely find me in a dress because-Mama don’t have time for all that pant-wearing madness!

Until next time’s Mama Confession,