Your Everyday Park Can Be Magical If You Let It Be


I loved my childhood.  I hope my kids look back on theirs and love it, too.  I think as a parent when you take your kids somewhere you sort of want it to be exciting and special, whether it be Disney a world or Target!  Any place can be special and even magical if you let it be.  Kids just want to explore and touch everything, climb on things and slide down slides that they used to be scared of.  We don’t have to have crazy vacations all the time to earn our kids’ love.  We earn it with our time!   


I loved seeing how happy Emily was at this park we visited.  There was nothing crazy about the park, a lot of kids were there, and Emily had THE best time!  For some reason she’s intimidated by slides but she was brave enough to go down a curly slide without my help and without me even prompting her to try.  I tell you what, after she went down the big slide she ran up to me SO stinking happy and proud! 


Everyday things can be magical and parents can help make them that way.  Say yes when your kiddo runs up to you excitedly asking you to follow them or to watch them go down the same slide for the 117th time.   Get excited when you see them look at you for a reaction when they do something funny or “daring”!  Parents giving our kids the quality time they need is what’s most important to them!