Let's Talk Water Safety

Let's talk water safety, shall we?  Water safety is one of the most important things I wanted my kiddos to know even before they were old enough to know why they needed it.  We live in Indiana so most of the water we see is in a pool and did you know that in Indiana alone last year 114 people, including 29 children, died of drowning related incidents?!  That's mind blowing to me.  I didn't know that number until recently but it makes me want even more for my kiddos AND for me to know proper water safety.  Water safety is just as important as fire safety so let's get learning! 

While Brody loves taking swim lessons, Emily has been having a harder time.  I know it's due to Brody starting classes when he was so young and Emily started when she was three so I feel like she already developed that fear of the unknown that factors into her thoughts when she's in classes.  


If I could do it all over again I would totally start Emily in classes as baby BUT we can't go back in time, now can we?  One thing that we've been doing with Emily specifically to help her get familiar with the water, Goldfish Swim School, the way swim lessons go, is to sign her up for Jump Start Clinics!  These clinics are 4 or 5 straight days of swim lessons.  Instead of one 30-minute lesson per week, Jump Start Clinics are more focused with one 30-minute lesson each day throughout the week.  


We've seen amazing results from Emily's time in her Jump Start Clinics.  I see more motivation from her and she's sort of becoming fearless about going underwater!  Check out our video to see but she definitely is keeping us on our toes when we swim with her now and she's never been like that before.  She usually is timid and clinging to one of us but recently we've been having to chase after her!  It's exhausting but so amazing to see how brave she is now.  I know I owe a lot of that to her Jump Start Clinics! 

Some additional about Goldfish Swim School's Jump Start Clinics:

  • For members AND non-members. Your kids don’t already have to be taking swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School to participate in our Jump Start Clinics!

  • Same skills learned in regular lessons. Jump Start Clinics focus on everything from the teaching the fundamentals of water safety to fine-tuning stroke technique, just like regular lessons at Goldfish Swim School.

  • An introduction to swimming. We believe that swimming is a life skill, but you might be wondering if now is the best time for you to begin lessons. Jump Start Clinics will let you know if your child is ready.

  • Focus on improving a particular skill and brush up on skills. Is your swimmer progressing nicely but having trouble mastering one particular skill? Jump Start Clinics give your children extra time to work on specific skills. Or if your child hasn’t been swimming in a while, a week of Jump Start Clinic lessons will help to sharpen those swim skills.

  • Water safety. At Goldfish Swim School, our priority is making sure kids stay safer in and around the water and during Jump Start Clinics your child will be reminded of steps to take to be safe.

  • No long commitment. Do you want your little one to learn how to swim, but you’re not sure if he or she is interested in taking swimming lessons right now? Jump Start Clinics are the perfect way to test the waters and find out, without having to commit to lessons.

  • Helps kids advance a level. If your child is becoming frustrated at not mastering a particular skill that would put him or her into the next swim level, a Jump Start Clinic can be the key to leaping over that hurdle.

Register NOW for a Jump Start Clinic!

These clinics are so effective, we guarantee you’ll see significant improvement in your child’s swimming skills in just four or five short days. Jump Start Clinics are available at Goldfish Swim School’s two Indianapolis locations - in Carmel and Fishers this summer. 

Call (317) 672-1129 to reserve your child’s spot!

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