Our Juice Connoisseur, Emily


Oh juice...the never ending struggle around our house.  Our kiddos can never get enough juice.  Emily is particularly specific on the type she’ll drink which can make it hard to find brands I can trust over and over again.   


We recently partnered with Natalie’s and we’re loving every single flavor we’ve tried!  Natalie’s is a women owned and family operated brand that produces fresh squeezed juices in lots of yummy flavors!  There are no preservatives or artificial flavors and they have been voted America’s Best Tasting Juices several times by multiple sources!  How cool is that!?  You can find Natalie’s at Fresh Thyme stores and trust when I say, you wont be disspoainted and your kiddos {and you} will gobble them up!  You can visit here to find a local retailer near you that sells Natalie’s.