Newfields: Summer Wonderland


Newsflash!  If you are in or near Indianapolis you have got to visit Newfields’ new Summer Wonderland exhibit!  Just go ahead and add it to your “must-do” summer list.  If you’re wanting to get out with your kiddos and wear them out exploring, have a relaxing date-night with your babe, or even are looking to have a fun girls’ night out doing something totally unique, Summer Wonderland is what you need! 


I was able to spend some one on one time with Emily, who is four going on fourteen, and she LOVED every minute of exploring, grabbing a lemonade in the Beer Garden, and best of all... being able to run and touch everything!  You know, usually in a museum kids aren’t supposed to touch anything but this exhibit is so unique and kid friendly which made it even more fun for me as a Mama, seeing how excited Emily was to learn about all her new huge creature friends.   


Something extra special that I took away from our visit is knowing how each creature is made.  Each specific animal that is lurking around the grounds has a meaning behind why they’re there.  For instance the Meerkats; they can adapt to almost any environment {cool, right?!}.  Well, the Meerkats are stationed in one of the gardens that has had some gravel paths, stairs, and other landscaping done to it for our humanly pleasure and ease, however the Meerkats are there looking over everything symbolizing yet again, how they adapt to all the changes we make to their environment that they have no control over.  Pretty interesting, right?! 


If you’re looking for a really fun and easy night, visit Summer Wonderland and stop by the Beer Garden for a yummy pretzel and drinks!  It’ll be something you and your kiddos will chat about for a long time! 

Learn more about Summer Wonderland and Newfields here