Just Add Water, Fun For The Whole Family


I don't know about you but as a Mama of two toddlers I love doing any activity that wears them both out before bedtime!  Does that sound bad?  O'well, that's #momlife for ya!  There are tons of things to do now that our Indiana weather finally got with the program and warmed up but my favorite thing is Family Swim Night at our Goldfish Swim School

Why do I love Family Swim Nights so much?  First off the kids are both super comfortable in the pool since they take classes there.  That's something that makes this activity so easy.  Emily, who has been hating swim class even though she still participates, will have her class at 6:00 pm then we all will swim from 6:30-7:30 pm.  Knowing she'll get to swim with Mom and Dad helps give her an incentive to make it through her swim class without any tears!  A no-tears swim class for her right now is a huge accomplishment!  


I told Scott after our first Family Swim Night that while we were in the pool with the kiddos it felt like we were on vacation!  It was so relaxing, especially knowing and seeing all the lifeguards that were on-duty.  It's pretty cool too, because the staff throws in all kinds of swim toys and floaties and such making it so fun for all of us.  Brody will get on a little trampoline looking thing and jump up and down in the water forever if we'd let him.  He wears himself out totally on his own, haha.  It's fun seeing Emily enjoy herself in the water with us.  We'll both work with her on going under the water and working on kicking and pulling.  I love that we can do this right after her class so it's fresh in both of our minds.    

If you'd like more information about Family Swim Nights at Goldfish Swim Schools, click here!

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