I Bet You Haven’t Heard Of This “Bean Bag”!


Have you heard of the Pouch from Tuft & Needle?  No?  Well, prepare to be amazed. 

So when I was younger I always loved hanging out on my bean bag, for some reason it just made me feel cool, you know what I mean?  These days I absolutely don't care about looking or feeling cool, but I do care about being comfortable and supported.  Hello, Tuft & Needle and their Pouch.  

You guys, this thing will change your life.  I've already fallen asleep on it more times than I'd like to admit, it's just so so comfy!  The kiddos haven't left it alone either, it's just an all around winner over here!  I can't wait for our basement remodel to be finished because this baby will fit perfectly in with the decor.  Check out our video and see how stinking simple it is to get inside and out of the box!