Favorite Apps For Photo Editing


Photo editing... Not only do we now take photos after learning a "fancy" camera with lots of buttons and adjustments that can be made but now we have to edit, right!  Ugh, that sounds like such an added task.  And it can be, but doesn't have to be.  I choose to edit all of my photos on my phone so I can have quick turnaround and accessibility to my photo almost right away!  Here's how I do it:

The most important thing about photography that I can't stress enough: SHOOT IN RAW.  I'll elaborate on RAW vs.Jpeg later but if you're totally unaware of any benefits of shooting in RAW there are tons of resources online to check out right now! 

Once I have my image ready to edit here is what I use:


VSCO: I can't say enough amazing things about VSCO!  The app is so simple to use and lets you customize so many things.  For example, you can change the order of all kinds of filters and tools so you can edit your photo in such a short amount if time.  I primarily only use the A6 filter, occasionally I'll use *** when I really need to add in some warmth.  Once my filter is applied, I'll up some contrast, sometimes brighten the shadows, sharpen the image, and straighten it if needed. 


Snapseed: I use snapseed pretty much for only one thing; brightening specific areas of an image.  It's pretty neat that even on your phone you're able to select specific areas of a photo to adjust!  


Retouch: Having kiddos in my house means there are ALWAYS crumbs everywhere.  I don't mind it really however I understand that sometimes it's not what brands or people like seeing in photos, duh...I wouldn't want that!  Retouch allows me to super quickly remove crumbs or crayon drawings on our walls in a pinch if I forget!


Canva: I love using Canva for Pinterest or Insta Stories.  There are tons of free templates to choose from or you can create your own, upload images, text, change fonts, etc.  Canva makes it east to create quality and professional looking images for sharing.