Mama Confessions: Alone Time

Yes, I love my babies more than anything on this earth, duh.  That should be a given.  Do they drive me nuts sometimes?  Umm, YES!  C'mon, I have a three year old and a one year old...hello?!  


I've always been a night owl. Before I started working from home and being a stay at home parent I worked for the past ten years almost solely on night shift and I really enjoyed the hours.  Now that I do stay at home and am pretty much required to cater to tiny human needs all day long I thoroughly adore my time at the end of the night once both babies are asleep.  It sounds a little selfish but that's when I catch up on my social media, edit photos I've taken that day and from client sessions, work on blog posts, text my girlfriends, binge watch Netflix, etc.  You know, all the good things in life that don't revolve around my family.  

Is anyone else with me?  I know other mamas must do the same thing, right?  I used to think doing this every night was making me kind of a bad mom but not anymore.  I have to remember that I'm a person too and I have things I need to do.  Not only is blogging a creative release for me, it's also part of the way I bring in income to our household and any toddler mom knows how hard it is to get an hour alone during the day.  Luckily Scott is supportive and "lets" me go out to work anytime I feel the need, so... #awesomehusbandpoints there.  

So I have two questions for you:

  1. What do you do during your alone time?
  2. Any suggestions for Netflix shows I can binge on!?