DIY Foam Paint For Sensitive Skin

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You know when you really want to hang out with your kiddos but for some reason they seem to think the only thing that can entertain them are electronic devices?!  Yeah, me too.  Sometime life gets in the way of us spending that quality time our kiddos crave and that we crave too!  Having two toddlers at home all day with me, things can get monotonousness, or as Emily says, "boooooring".  I try to come up with some fun activities that keep them busy and happy for a long time at once and pull those out of my bag of tricks every once in a while.  Today was one of those days!


Something fun to do for toddlers that they seriously love at any age is shaving cream paint.  They just think it's the coolest thing in the world which is awesome for us parents because it's inexpensive, easy to clean up, and in general you'll have what you need in your home at anytime. 

    Here's what you'll need:

    1. Paper
    2. Sensitive skin shaving cream
    3. Paint of your choice
    4. Bowls
    5. Patience (haha)

    Simply get your kiddos some paper laid out, fill your bowl with the shaving cream, add your paint, mix together.  Voila!  I told the kiddos to just have at it because I knew shaving cream was pretty easily removed but I never imagined Brody would get as crazy messy as he actually did!  Emily, of course, got in on the fun as well putting everything all over her arms.  I didn't mind though, because this kept them both busy for a long time and they were having so so much fun! 


    Both of my kiddos have sensitive skin so I always use shaving cream that is made for sensitive skin.  Emily has slight eczema and the ONE time I didn't use a sensitive skin shaving cream she broke out and I felt like a horrible Mama, so...

    Of course baths for the kiddos followed and they got all cleaned up.  With everyone in our family having sensitive skin and allergies I'm always on the hunt for that perfect laundry detergent that not only works to get our clothing clean and fresh, but that is gentle on our skin.  


    For the clean up of their crazy messy clothes I only trust all® free clear detergent and all® free clear Mighty Pacs®.  The're both amazing at actually cleaning while not causing my sensitive skinned kiddos to have flare ups or additional allergy issues!  all® free clear detergent leaves all of our skin feeling itch-free and clean while actually getting all of our stains out and while keeping our clothing look new.  Not only that, but  all® free clear detergent and all® free clear Mighty Pacs® is the #1 Recommended Detergent by Dermatologists, Allergists, and Pediatricians for sensitive skin!

    A few awesome reasons we love all® free clear detergent and all® free clear Mighty Pacs®:

    • 100% free of perfumes & dyes, 
    • Hypoallergenic and clinically proven to be gentle on skin
    • all® free clear allows your family to look and feel their best while living free from sensitive skin worries.
    • When talking about allergens, please note in your post that all® free clear is not intended to treat or prevent allergies.
    • You can find all® free clear detergent and all® free clear Mighty Pacs® at Target, the best place in the world, haha

    I love spending this time with my kiddos and seeing how happy they are.  Times like these make me want to live more, worry less!

    To learn more about all® free clear detergent and all® free clear Mighty Pacs® click here!