Mama Confessions: What Kind Of Mom Am I?


Oh hey there, 6:00 am, I see you ... every. single. morning. of. my. life.  How are you?  Me?  If good means barely rested, huge bags under my eyes that I cover up with concealer before I even brush my teeth, popping open my first (of many) diet sodas, and having a three year old hanging off of me already, then yeah, I'm good!

For some reason my 21 month old has been sleeping in everyday.  I'm talking sleeping in until almost 9:00 am!  Yet my three year old consistently comes into our bed between 3:00-5:00 am and wants to go downstairs by 6:00 am.  Someone please tell me why!?  Why doesn't she sleep!? 

Before I became a stay at home/work from home Mom I always thought of stay at home Moms as these "do it all" types.  You know, the ones who"s husbands come home to a spotless house, dinner is ready, they've been showered and look presentable, they have real clothes on, and they kids are happy and have watched no television all day long.  Well I'm here to confess that I'm not that stay at home Mom!

I'm the stay at home Mom who asks her three year old who wants to go downstairs at 6:00 am if she wants to watch Peppa Pig on Mommy's phone so I can keep sleeping.  I'm the stay at home Mom who falls back asleep while cuddling on the couch after finally coming downstairs and putting on a kiddo show for her toddler.  I'm the stay at home Mom who packs the kids up and takes a "super fun car ride" to McDonald's at 10:00 am because she needs another soda already but is out at home and definitely isn't taking two toddlers to the store alone.  I'm the stay at home Mom who sometimes just wishes she could have the kiddos go to daycare again to get some alone time during the day even though she despises daycare and pulled them out!  I'm the stay at home Mom who stays up way past her bedtime to be selfish and watch The Office all night long because she was stuck watching kiddo shows during the day between the dance parties and YouTube ballet lessons to avoid total meltdowns.  I'm the stay at home Mom who has never once fed her kiddos a made from scratch meal.  I'm the stay at home Mom who lets toys stay all over the house all night because-why not?  


All these things might seem unacceptable to some people but in reality, we all have to do what's best for our own families, right?  I'm all those things above but I'm also the stay at home Mom who plays on the floor all day long with her babies, soaking up all their pure joy.  I'm the stay at home Mom who actually sits down at the dinner table with her kiddos and has meals with them, engaging them, learning from them, the stay at home Mom who plans out what activities we're going to do the next day every night while I'm trying to fall asleep.  I'm the stay at home Mom who lets her 21 month old help sweep the floor everyday because he loves it so much even though he's doing nothing but adding to the mess, his laughter makes up for it though, the stay at home Mom who always seems to be holding and comforting someone.  I'm the stay at home Mom who adores chasing her kiddos around with a camera all day once a month to try to capture some of that childlike wonder and innocence that I can try to remember forever.  I'm one of the many stay at home Moms that would do absolutely anything for her kiddos, the stay at home Mom who is so stinking proud of her babies and just can't get enough of them.  I feel like being all of these things outweighs the not-so-awesome parts of what being a stay at home Mom is.

So what kind of Mom are you?

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