Learning At Home With The Kindergarten Tool Kit + Discount Code!


I’m always on the lookout for fun ways to help actually teach the kiddos while we’re all enjoying our time together and having fun.  I'm not a teacher and didn't go to college for that kind of thing whatsoever so I LOVE finding products and brands that cater to children and the ways they learn that also help me out as well! 


Kindergarten Tool Kit is one of the brands I recently learned about and I'm in love!  They offer complete kits that include lessons, white boards for kiddos to practice writing on, sight words, numbers and letters, shapes, and some other awesome extras!  Emily asks do work on her letters and numbers every single day now and it's a really nice time to have for us to bond and learn together.  Check out how good she is at writing some of them!


One thing I'm sure all us Mamas can agree on is how much joy it brings us when our babies learn to actually write their own name.  Emily is right there and I love it so much!  Her face lights up whenever she's finished and she always takes her time and is so precise and confident.  I know that this kit helped her master her name!  


I'm so thankful to have a kit like this that has everything I need as a non-teacher to prepare my kiddos for kindergarten, I mean, who doesn't want to help their babies excel, right?!  To find out more about the Kindergarten Tool Kit click here!

Use the code "Brandnew" for 15% off!!