Jesus Is Calling


Every Sunday, we all wake up, the hubs usually has to work (life of a Police Detective),  I rush around to get both kiddos fed, dressed, happy, and in the car, along with getting myself semi-presentable to be out in public.  Church starts at 9:00 am and it's about 20 minutes away, and I'm lucky if I've got everyone in the car and moving by 8:30 am.  I really wish just ONE day I'd be able to be moving by say---8:15 am.  That way I can stop for my trusty old diet soda buuuuut that has yet to happen, haha.

Our church has an amazing and huge kid's ministry area where each age group has a classroom.  Both kiddos are super happy to be there and go right into their rooms, excited to see their teachers which of course makes me a happy Mama and lets me relax, grab coffee at the coffee bar, and find a seat.  The services are all always amazing, moving, emotional, funny, motivating, and inspiring.  I just can't get enough, I could listen to our preachers talk all every single day.  I always feel like I take away something actually applicable to my life as it is right now and feel motivated to push myself to be a better person.  Isn't that what a church service should do?  I think so. 

I love going to church, that's a given, but there's so much more that I try to do during the week at home to help progress my faith.  I read the bible, try to interpret it for today's world, I pray, I'm teaching Emily to pray, Scott and I talk about the service and the questions it brings up in our minds, I try to be kind and humble, and gentle, just so many things that have changed in my life.  I feel like I'm making good headway but I know something is missing.  Our preachers mention every week at church that there are tons of groups that meet weekly and how those groups can really help you grow and that you'll grow the most together, not alone.  I get anxious to join a group though, is anyone else like that?  I've just recently come into my faith and it's nerve wracking to know I'll have to talk about things with people I don't know.  I don't think I'll be judged or looked down upon at all but still, I'm nervous.

All I know is that Jesus is calling.  He's calling me and you and everyone else to come follow Him.  Have you taken Him up on His offer? 


If you're local and looking for a church, please visit here to learn about mine!