The Children’s Museum Of Indianapolis, Sports Legends Experience - Opening Day


Today is the day!!  The Children’s Museum Of Indianapolis’ brand new Sports Legends Experience is OPEN!  If you’re local, or anywhere close for that matter, this is a must-do that needs to be added to your list! 


There are 12 outdoor exhibits and 3 indoor, including and huge treehouse to climb, putt-putt, a baseball field, an amazing football field that’s all decked out in Colts, tennis courts, a hockey ice rink, basketball courts for all ages, and so much more!  Yummy stadium style food is available as well!


i was wondering how our babes, being younger-3 and 22 months, would like it and hoped there’d be enough for them to do. I was so happy to see that they seriously LOVED it!  Our entire family had a blast, so much fun and an awesome way to make lasting memories!  I love that visiting the Sports Legends Experience can offer all these sports to our babes for them to gauge their interest and we can take that back with us to help us decide what activities to sign them up for.


My favorite part:  Playing basketball with the hubs and both babies at a hoop meant for their age, it was so cute!  I’ll never forget Emily’s reaction when she made her first basket and seeing Brody SO happy to have Daddy lofting him to let him shoot!  

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