Joy, The Stories Of Your Life Live Here

Let's talk about something special to my heart today, shall we?  Something we all want, something we all crave, something we love sharing with other people, something that can't be seen sometimes; Joy. 

Joy album

If you're anything like me, you agree that being a parent is hard, like really hard.  The days can seem endless and the nights aren't long enough.  There are struggles and hurdles to overcome.  There are times when we don't think we're enough for our babies and thi ngs we question all the time.  On the other side of all those feelings and emotions though, there is joy.  You know, the kind of pure joy you can see coming from your child succeeding at something they worked hard for, or the joy in the face of your husband when he's looking at his brand new baby in the hospital, the joy of your first born meeting your second born, the joy of a crazy toddler on their birthday, and most of all, the joy of everyday moments that seem to take up the most room in our hearts.  

I want to talk about an amazing story-telling device that brings joy to my life and that connects all of these happy moments with everyone you love; The Joy Album.  

Clearly I love photos, as I'm sure most of the world today does.  It's so simple to take photos these days but where do they all end up going?  We share them once on social media, get some love from people who enjoy them, and that's it!  It's not super common these days to showcase photos on our walls, and especially not to actually take the time to print photos and add them into photo albums to keep in our homes.  The Joy Album takes care of all of that for you.  

A little about Joy:

  • All of your videos and photos are backed up in the Joy Cloud
  • You, your friends, and your family can stay connected from anywhere
  • There are different layouts that your photos and videos appear in
  • You're able to create unlimited albums to share or keep for your home
  • There's a 13.3” Full HD touchscreen, 178° viewing angle
  • My favorite feature; You're able to record and save voicenotes forever!

I absolutely love that I can store all my photos from all my cameras, smart phones, and computers in one place and have access to them all no matter where I am.  The feature that I'm in love with most is voicenotes.  I can't get over the idea of knowing that I'm able to record my little ones' voices exactly how they are now and that they'll be saved forever.  I'm excited to see how they're voices change throughout the next couple years!  

Yes, Joy really is a simple solution to storing your photos but it's so much more than that.  It replaces your outdated and boring digital picture frames with gorgeous layouts and high resolution photos.  Your videos even play simultaneously in the layouts with your photos.  Joy is able to offer you and your family a way to truly connect with each other without distractions.  You can sit down and take the time to chat about what our photos mean to you and how important the people in them are, and I love having that gift to share with my babies and loved ones.  It brings back so many memories of me pulling out my Mom's photo albums and asking all kinds of questions.  I just imagine looking through our Joy Album years from now and being able to have Emily and Brody literally see where they came from, but in a modern way.

I also plan on using our Joy Album as a way to help Emily's confidence.  She's been having a really hard time in her swim classes recently and it's just breaking my heart because I know she has what it take to succeed.  I'm thinking that if she could just see for herself how far she has come that she'll be excited to learn instead of being intimidated by the water.  I'll keep you updated on how it goes but I can't wait for her to try out this method!

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