Tips For Surviving The Cold Months With Kids

I don't know about you but over here in Indiana our weather is pretty crazy.  One day will be sunny and 50° and the next we'll have 4" of beautiful snow.  It's just so unpredictable!  this year with both kiddos being toddlers and of course needing to run off so much energy we're trying to find ways to be more active even though it can be freezing outside.  


Something Scott really enjoys doing with Brody is taking him on walks in the stroller.  It's relaxing for both Daddy and Bro usually falls asleep but it's impossible to do when it's like, 10° outside!  Or so we thought!...  We recently came across a brand I had never seen before call 7AM Enfant.  They specialize in cold weather gear for kiddos and let me tell you what a game changer their pieces have been for us!  In the photos you'll see their Warmmuffs which are SO so warm!  They attach right to your stroller and won't fall off if you take your hands out, they come up past your shirt cuffs to ensure your warmth, I just love them!  


Brody is snuggled up in their Blanket 212 Evolution.  It's so versatile, there are different lengths you can make the blanket for different aged kiddos all the way to four years old, it zips all the way up and has lots of warm lining all over.  It attaches right to your stroller as well to prevent slipping and the restraints and straps fit right through the different openings in the back.  I'm not kidding you when I say that Scott will push a sleeping Brody in from a walk in the snow and cold weather and he's not even a little bit cold.  He's so snugly in there and comfortable and 7AM Enfant's products allow both Scott and Brody to stay so warm the whole time, I just can't get enough!  


There are so many other awesome pieces 7AM Enfant makes, too, check them out here!

Some other fun things we love doing when it's so so cold out:

  • baking cookies
  • dance parties
  • going to our library
  • playing at our indoor jungle gym
  • having play dates with friends

It can be so hard to let the kiddos run off energy during these cold months so anything active is always a winner in my book!