Let Them Be Little

When I was pregnant with Emily I heard so many times how I was going to love this tiny baby I just met more than anything and how that love would grow and grow with time.  I always thought, Yeah I know, I know, but it was so true.  Once she was here there was a whole new kind of love that I didn't even know existed before her.  I really DID love her more than anything and it seemed like every single day my love grew and still does.  I didn't want to let her out of my sight and felt like I really just needed to be with her, always.  Then came along Brody.

When we found out Brody was going to come along in a few months I felt so conflicted inside, like how am I going to be able to give the same amount of love I give to my first born to a new little baby?  I don't know if I have enough love to give!  But of course once he was here I didn't need to worry about my heart being big enough for two babies, because it just grew and grew and filled up with love.  These two tiny minis are such a huge part of my life and of who I am, that's why I've chosen as a parent to Let Them Be Little, for as long as they can.

I want them to be able to feel free to be themselves and learn through doing.  I want them to experience all the good and fun things this world gives us and be able to see it through fresh innocent eyes.  I want them to jump in muddy puddles and make crazy looking snow angels.  I want them to be able to find pure happiness in something so small, like dirt!  I want them to be able to drip popsicle juice all over their bellies and laugh out loud about it.  I want them to be able to feel like it's okay to give out huge laughs at the littlest things that even I might not think of as funny, like continually dropping their food on the floor.  I know, I know, boundaries, we're getting there.  I want them to dance their little hearts out and shake those booties like no one else is watching.  

When you let them be little, they'll grow up learning to appreciate the small things in life.

I want to be able to learn from them, which I do every single day.  I learn empathy and sympathy and how to forgive and forget, just like that.  I wish we as adults could do half of the things I see my babies do everyday.  I wish we all could wake up so happy and easygoing everyday and be excited about our day.  I guess I really just wish I could be more like my babies.  

Something I want to challenge myself and you;  Be more like your babies and let them be little while they still can be.