10 Unique Non-Toy Gifts For Toddlers

Kids love toys, that's a given.  But how many toys can we really have in our home that our kids benefit from?  What are the quality of these toys and are they even being used or are they just sitting there?  Last year for Emily's birthday, we addressed the "what gifts to get" question with something simple; "No toys, please!"

Yeah it's really fun to watch your child open all kinds of presents on their birthday but that fun only lasts for a couple minutes.  I've also found that the less toys you have in your home, the more the kids are actually learning and using their imagination, which is what I love.  Here are some of our favorite non-toy gifts that we've grown to love.

  1. Book or magazine subscriptions, like this and that
  2. Zoo membership, for you locals click here
  3. Children's Museum membership, again, locals click here
  4. Swim lessons, our favorite thing to do during the week, click here for our location
  5. Gymnastics classes
  6. Puzzles
  7. Sprinklers
  8. Bird houses
  9. Savings account or bonds
  10. Gardening kit