DIY Glitter Photo Session


Happy day, you guys!  It's a happy one over here, happy babies, happy mama.  So, in about two months Emily will be four years old...FOUR!  I can't even believe how fast time has passed for our little fam bam.  I wanted to do something fun for Emily's four year portraits and thought something with a ton of glitter would be awesome!  Emily loved it, my kitchen was a complete mess and I'm still picking up glitter, but it was worth seeing her have fun.  This was the first black backdrop session I've ever done and I don't have or use artificial light so these were all shot with natural light from big windows.  So here are some of the photos I took and I'll explain how I got them to look like they do! 

My set up:

glitter photoshoot

Here's what my setup looked like while shooting: I really wish I had a wider backdrop but I only use backdrops for personal use these days and don't generally need anything wider than six feet.

I took these photos with my Nikon 10-20mm lens, with a raised ISO and a fast shutter speed.

I edited these in Lightroom as well as Photoshop and with this being my first time shooting with a black backdrop and natural light, it took some time to get it the way I liked but not too bad! 

In Lightroom:

  1. Added LxC 04 preset
  2. Straightened
  3. Lowered the shadows
  4. Raised the constrast
  5. Adjusted the temperature if needed
Glitter photosession

In Photoshop:

  1. Used the content aware tool to copy the backdrop where it was needed
  2. Used the burn tool to deepen some areas where needed
  3. Cropped

I wish I had screen shots of Photoshop but I forgot to take them during my process :(

I DID add an overlay to this photo.  It was one of the only photos I felt would look semi natural with it added.

I DID add an overlay to this photo.  It was one of the only photos I felt would look semi natural with it added.

There you have it!  When editing these I had to export the images once to really "see" where I need to fix what I didn't like so that took some time but I'm happy with the outcome :)


See that bow! Yep, from our favorite shop ever, read more about that here!


Emily's gorgeous dress is from Joyfolie, this one.

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