Remembering The Little Things

So I would call my style of photography lifestyle/documentary.  Mostly documentary because I don't like to stage or change things about our "scene".  Sometimes, yes, of course I'll pick up toys that are scattered all over the house but I'd be doing that anyway (occasionally, haha).  I was inspired by my good friend, Ashleigh from the MyMotherhood.Life blog, to do something a little different this past week.  

Instead of taking photos I took videos, little snippets of our days.  I know that years down the road I'm going to want to remember the way Emily sounded, her little voice and Brody's squeals when he sees her.  I want Emily to see how sweet she was twirling around to her favorite songs every single morning in her princess dresses, and Brody to see how friggin sweet he was, walking around with no pants, haha!  The way Brody wakes up after his nap is so sweet and always wants some cuddles, I want to remember that little face, ugh!  There's just so much that a photograph can't capture and even though I love love love photographs and always will, it's really nice to have this to look back on.  I can't wait to do this in a couple months again and see how they're different.