A Little Play Room Tour


It's toy room time!  I don't know about you but ever since Emily was born we've had our toys moved EVERYWHERE...  I'm a habitual rearranger and I'm sure it can drive a Scott up the wall because he never knows where to find anything, haha.  We've had toys in every single room of the house until it drives me crazy having to clean them all up every single night, then we'll end up purging a ton and moving the ones we kept into another room.  This happens over and over again but I think we've finally found our sweet spot and settled on one room for the toys, thank goodness!

I wanted to share a few things that have made our toy room way more organized and fun for our kiddos, so here we go!


Spice up you room with an accent wall.  We shopped at B Darling's online store and it was so simple to order our removable wallpaper!  We chose a neutral grey pattern that will grow with our family as this room is transitioned from a play room later on.  Installation wasn't as tricky as you might think either, overall it took me and Scott about an hour to get this wall done once we got the hang of it.

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For all of our blocks (which is a crazy amount) and so many of our other toys I'm in LOVE with Swoop Bags!  If you haven't heard of this company, oh my goodness, you're going to fall in love with their concept just like I did.  These bags make cleaning up so quick and easy plus I really love that you can make a play mat anywhere you are with the Swoop Bags, too. 

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Another interactive toy both kiddos love is their little wagon!  Trio Kid makes the cutest wagons and toddler strollers ever.  They're so easy to put together and Emily loves taking walks with her babies in it.  Brody totes it around putting all kinds of toys and play food in it, it's so so sweet.

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We only have one piece of art in the room because, let's be real, kids are kids and I can't have all kinds of things everywhere.  I love Highland Hardware's amazing frame that's mounted on the wall holding a photo of my babes.  It's so strong, I feel confident that it's not going anywhere and it'll remain in the same spot once we transition the room.  I love that it's perfect for a play room or dining room or whatever this room ends up being!  It's so unique too, everyone asks about it.

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Everyone knows that Mamas love Target, duh, so when the Hearth & Hand collection released I became obsessed!  I fell hard for this little workbench and both kiddos love it too.  I love toys that use imagination and teach skills and this one is right on the money.  I adore that it's plain too, no crazy colors...something I can't really stand.  Another thing I can't get enough of from this collection are their cushions.  We have four of them and the kiddos sit and lay on them all the time, so do I, and they're so comfy.  I like using them as a learning tool as well! 

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Like I mentioned before, I love toys that use imagination and Shape Mags are amaaaaaazing!  They're magnetic tiles that allow you to build all kinds of things, whatever your little mind can come up with.  The babies go crazy over these tiles and so do Scott and I, haha.  They're actually really fun to build with and I love when they kiddos bring them to me to help! 

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We have one little table in the room (without chairs because Brody is a climber and I'm too nervous to have them in there), a shelf thing that holds buckets of other toys, a wooden blanket ladder because both my babies are blanket obsessed, and a small book holder on the wall for books that don't fit in the shelf.  That's about it!  I've learned over that past couple years that the less toys kids have, the more learning they actually do.  Too many toys and they just end up all over the floor, not played with, and the kids are bored.  When they only have a small selection of toys they have to use their imagination more.  Win/win!