Church Days Are The Best Days!

So a little back story; I took the babies out of daycare in November.  Brody had had some issues with the place we were sending him to and I just felt like it was the right thing to do for our family.  Anyway, I sometimes will wonder if they're missing out on having daily social interaction with kiddos their same ages.  I don't feel like they're necessarily missing out on anything really but it definitely is nice whenever the babies get to be around their friends and other kids, so for us, church is such a fun day for us!

Luckily, Emily has one of her best girlfriends who is just younger than her in Sunday school with her so her first day was super easy for everyone.  Brody is so laid back that as soon as he's having fun he warms right up!  

I love so much picking them up from their rooms and hearing Emily singing about Jesus or telling me all about what Jesus did for her or how much she loves him and how he's in her heart!  It seriously just melts me.  

Anyway, if you ever want to hear an amazing sermon from some super talented pastors, visit my church's website here