Best "Experience" Gift We've Received

So the trendy thing for gifts for Christmas this year and for birthdays and such seems to be these things called “experience gifts”. What are these anyway? Basically it’s the gift of doing something not only receiving a material object. I love the idea of experience gifts not just for Christmas but for any occasion! A material object will only give that person joy in their heart for a super short amount of time and then it’s over. Experience gifts are the ones that keep on giving and you’re able to create lasting memories with the people you love through them!

We get a couple things throughout the year that our little family also;utely loves and utilizes so often! We receive a membership to the Indianapolis Zoo and we go all. the. time. ALL THE TIME! We just went a couple nights ago for Christmas At The Zoo and it was amazing, all decorated and a total win for our kiddos!

We receive a membership to The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis as well and while it’s a task taking two toddlers solo, we manage! I tend to love taking each kiddo by themselves instead and it’s so much nicer. TCM is an awesome place to visit any time of the year but also when it’s just too cold to be outside for too long.

One of THE best experience gifts I could ever recommend is the gift of Family Swim Nights at Goldfish Swim School. Family swim is such an awesome way for me to bond with my kiddos, see the excitement on their little faces when they get to show me first hand something new they’ve learned, and to literally just have fun. I love knowing the pool will be nice and warm and that we can go any Friday night to end our busy week with some fun. Our kiddos love swimming with us and getting to show off. I love being able to hold them close and love all over their little goggle covered smiling faces! Just check out how much fun they’re having in these little videos I took last week!

To learn more about the places I listed click below!

Goldfish Swim School

Indianapolis Zoo

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Goldfish Swim School has provided me with the experience of lessons for my candid reviews.