These ARE The Good Old Days


I can already remember when Emily was brand new, our first baby, at home for the first night.  Scott and I had no idea what the heck we were doing and we’re both scared but probably too tired to talk about how we felt.  I remember never wanting her to grow up.  Time went on and I kid you not, ever new stage she went through I swore I loved it more than the last.  

Now that we have two little ones, three years old and younger, I’m starting to realize that I’ll never have another newborn phase.  I’ll never have another “first time sitting up” or “first steps”.  I see each day my babies growing and learning so much and becoming more independent.  Part of it makes me happy because I mean, that’s what is supposed to happen (duh), but another part of me gets sad sometimes.  Emily is so incredibly self sufficient and Brody is getting there more and more each day.  

I made an internal resolution this year to not be bothered.  Not be bothered by the neediness of my babies.  Not be bothered by the exhaustion I have every single day.  Not be bothered when Emily wants something for lunch that isn’t what I already have made.  Not be bothered when Brody wakes up throughout the night because he’s teething or when Emily wakes me up two hours before Brody in the morning to cuddle.  These times are SO fleeting and although in the moment it can be overwhelming and even annoying or worse, my babies will only “need” me for such a short time and I’m going to try to soak them all in while I can!