Keeping Up With The Jones’

There’s the old saying ☝🏻  Keeping up with the Jones’.  What’s that even mean?  Basically it’s a saying that means you’re trying to “keep up” with others around you or that you see on social media or in the news as a way to feel that you’re worth it.  But what’s being “worth it” even mean now!?  Being worth something can mean something totally different to each person.  Why do we feel the need to have the best this or the most expensive that?  I for some unknown reason always REALLY wanted this certain handbag but it was WAY out of my price range.  Finally I purchased it, I watched over $1200.00 go outta my bank account.  I’m not saying this to show how much I spent but more to let you in on my secret.  How much real joy did I actually get from this handbag?  My answer: none, nothing.  I thought that by me having this bag in my hands that I’d feel better about myself.  That others around me would treat me different because I had this designber bag on my shoulder.  But you know what, why the heck would that EVER make any sense?  That’s right, it didn’t make sense and still doesn’t.  I actually don’t want people treating me different because of some stupid bag, I want them to treat me how I treat them.  No one cares how much my bag costs, except me.  It took me learning an expensive lesson + a lot of other things that I can now reflect on to learn that the only person I’m here to get to is Him, God, our savior.  He doesn’t give two hoots about what kind of handbag I have.  

In church today our Pastor said something that really resonated with me; Death is more consistent with how it treats people than we are.  Death doesn’t discriminate between rich or poor, but we do.  Death doesn’t discriminate between black or white, but we do.  Death doesn’t care if you went to an Ivy League school or have a GED, but we do.  Why do we put so much effort into judging others and basing what they have in this life as what they’re worth.  God doesn’t do that and I think it’s time we all start living in a more Godly way, trying to see the world through his eyes and loving one another instead of hurting one another.  We’re here under the sun for such a short amount of time, let’s make it count.  Let’s stop comparing our lives to the lives of others that we have no control over.