Family Night Where Ever You Are

Who loves family nights?!  What are some of the activities you do?  We're trying to start doing a family night once a week over here and sometimes it can be hard to find things that keep two very active toddlers busy, am I right?!  


Some of the things we are planning to do; bowling, putt-putt, an indoor driving range, taking walks around our downtown area of Indy, running off some energy at an indoor playground near us.  One of the things we all have started to love so much is movie night! 


Now Emily is a movie theater connoisseur by now, haha, but Brody being only 19 months definitely won't do well being confined to a seat and not really able to run around so we have been on the lookout for a different option for us that worked for our family.  Enter: Cinemood!  Cinemood is a mini projector that you can literally take anywhere with you.  It goes in your car, on an airplane, to the Grandparents' house, anywhere!  We love that our family memories are able to be made no matter where we are and that family movie night is so simple.  I am a huge lover of structure and making plans, too, so knowing that I can count on our Cinemood to always be with us for our planned times is great for me!  

A little about Cinemood:

  • There are 120+ hours of kid-friendly preloaded digital content, including Disney and Disney Pixar favorite titles (lullabies, digital books, bedtime stories, fairy tales, cartoons, shadow puppets, music).
  • You can stream and download your favorite Netflix series.
  • YouTube and YouTube kids streaming is available.
  • Up to 12 feet projection on any surface
  • Up to 5 hours of battery life
  • It's mini and portable, and fits in the palm of your kiddos' hand!
  • There is no blue light in our Cinemood like in an Ipad
  • No neck strain from holding a tablet at a certain angle
  • Your screen can be huge for everyone to watch instead of trying to all see a small tablet screen
  • Cinemood is ready to go as soon as you open it up!

I can't wait until it's warm outside here in the midwest so we can invite our friends over and their kiddos and we can set up an outdoor open-air theater for them, giving us parents some much needed relaxation and social time! 


One of the main reasons we love our Cinemood projector so much is that it's safe.  Safe for even our 19 month old to touch, hold, and watch.  I'm not huge on having a bunch of screen time every single day and Cinemood makes it easy for us to incorporate fun learning activities too, such as dance parties, listening to books being read, and so much more!  It's a total game changer for us and I'm so excited to share it with you.

I have a special code for you that gets you a FREE cover! Use the code SNIPPETS on Cinemood's website or on Amazon!  You're welcome!