I Have No Babies Left


I can't believe the day has come where both of my babies are out of the house during the week.  It started with Emily going to school (daycare) about a year ago and now Brody.  This past week Brody started going to a 9 am to 3 pm "Parent's Day Out" program.  He doesn't even cry when I drop him off and goes right to his teachers.  I remember Emily cried and cried, which hurt my heart, but Brody not crying hurts too!  Part of me wants him to be upset, is that bad? 


My days have totally changed now.  I work overnights and I tend to have this need to stay awake while I have some "free time" but it's killing me.  I need to sleep but my mind won't shut down and I want to run everywhere and do everything!  Has this happened to anyone else?  No?  Yes?

I see all these teeny little babies during drop-off times and it's really starting to make me want another little needy baby at home now.  Brody is so independent now and Emily of course still is and they both just keep getting smarter and more witty.  I love it so much but man, time can slow down anytime now!


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