Capsule Wardrobe: The Perfect Sweater


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Have you ever loved a piece of clothing so much that you just had to go back and get whatever it is in every single color they have?  Well, that's me and this sweater, I'm obsessed!  I found this sweater at Urban Outfitters by accident, tried it on and literally had to have it.  I was kind of short on time when I found it so I didn't even realize that there were other colors right next to it too.  I had this hanging in my closet for about a week before I decided to wear it out and I don't even know why because, come on, it's adorable. 

I was meeting up with a girlfriend downtown Indianapolis one afternoon and decided to pair this sweater with some leggings and ankle boots.  Talk about the most comfortable I've ever felt!  You guys seriously need this sweater.  It's perfect for all year, can be dressed up a little or totally worn lounging around the house, and it hides things you might not love about yourself!  #totalwinning


How perfect is this leather camera strap also!?  I died when I got it in the mail, it's so perfect!  To shop for your own click here!