Capsule Wardrobe: Mom's Day Out

Yesterday I met up with my girlfriend downtown.  Can I just say how nice it is to have both kiddos in school (daycare) for a couple hours to be able to get some me time in my life!?  I was also super curious about what my hair would do with the humidity and wind being crazy.  I just had a treatment on my hair that's supposed to help with the friz and my goodness it WORKS!  I was so happy when I got back in my car and realized that I didn't look like a lion with a mane.   


Anyway, here's a super simple, casual outfit I wanted to share with you guys for times just like these.  I'd wear this on a day date, too, in place of my usual leggings and oversized sweater.  Haha!   


I'm wearing a super teeny simple gold chain necklace that you can really see, but it's there!, along with a simple white flowy tee shirt, skinny jeans, tan boots, blush colored Ringly bracelet, and my go-to handbag.  Generally I've got diapers and baby food in there by lucky you-i cleaned that stuff out before I left!  I adore this flowy top.  It hinds things I don't like and has enough structure and tiny design elements that allow it to not look like it was just thrown on, even though it was!  My boots are SO comfortable!  You can probably guess where I picked them up at and I'm so happy they stay on and don't cover the whole ankle.  For me that would totally cut my legs off and we all know I need all the leg I can get!  #shortpersonproblems


If you're noticing my bracelet, it's actually a Ringly!  Ringly is a brand of smart jewelry, how cool is that!?  Basically this bracelet connects to my phone and tells me when I have an alert, keeps track of your fitness goals, and so much more.  Be sure to check them out here!

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