A Very Target Halloween


Halloween is just around the corner, can you believe it?!  I can't!  This year has really just flown by.  I'll have TWO walkers for trick-or-treating this year, like-how!?  I generally don't love Halloween since the past few years I've had a sleeping baby that I didn't want woken up by all the door bell ringing that happens even when no light is on and there is a sign on the door (!).  This year will be different.  Emily is at the age where she loves pretending and playing dress up and Brody pretty much loves doing whatever she's doing and being her little shadow.  I can't wait for Halloween this year. 


We're planning on going to our zoo for "ZooBoo" as well as our Children's Museum for some Halloween fun along with exploring some other fun kiddo-themed Halloween fun around town before the 31st! 


I ordered costumes for the kiddos and they're on the way to us but I wanted to share some of my other favorites that can all be found at my favorite store, you guessed it; Target!

Click the photos below to shop!  I've been loving finding girl superheros this year and we're huge dinosaur people, so, I hope you enjoy these adorable costumes!  I can't wait for Emily to see hers---PEPPA PIG, haha.  I feel like I really need to order a couple others from this list just for Emily and Brody to dress up in around the house and galevanting around town!