Last Days Of Summer Getaway


With summer ending (finally) we wanted to take the babes some place fun to celebrate and have one last watery hoorah.  Of course living in Indiana there aren't any beaches and oceans close to us so we looked for an alternative.  Enter: The Great Wolf Lodge!  


We packed up for a two night getaway which seemed like it included our entire house!  I mean, how do two kiddos need that. much. stuff... I'll never know but we did use almost all of it.  We headed two hours east to Cincinnati with two sleepy babies.  Once we arrived everyone at the lodge, not kidding...everyone, was so so nice and excited to see the kiddos.  It really made this place something special.  We checked in, got our wristbands and headed up to the room to change for the water park!  Emily was pretty much running the show which was fine with me!  I'm used to it really.  I was so excited to see our Kid Cabin and it definitely didn't disappoint!  There were three beds, one set of bunk beds, in its own area surrounded by wood making it look like a cabin, it's own tv, and nightstand in there.  It was so SO adorable.  Emily immediately wanted help up the ladder to get to the top bed and once she was up there she just thought she was IT!  I loved that the room had a fridge, microwave, huge dresser, table, and tv as well too.  It even had a fireplace that made it so cozy AND a balcony.  We didn't spend much time in the room since Emily was itching to get to the water like we'd been telling her about all morning.   


Once we changed we headed down the elevators to the water park, put on our vests and headed in!  I loved the lodge so much because it has so much to do for Emily's age.  Two toddler areas plus the lazy river and wave pool.  Brody was having the time of his life too, I think he was just a tiny bit too small for the life jackets to not get in his way at this point.  Once we took his life jacket off of him he was obsessed with running around playing in all the water streams that shoot up from the floor!  I feel like going on a school day was the perfect choice since there weren't any bigger kids running around and the littles had it all to themselves.  


We hung out on the lazy river for about 40 minutes and the babies switched back and forth between mom and dad and we loving it.  I also really loved seeing so many lifeguards.  That just puts my mama heart at ease of course.  

Once we were able to convince Emily to go with us to get something to eat we didn't even leave the lodge.  Haha.  They have an awesome pizza and ice cream place right there outside the water park.  Yum!


Let me tell you, once we were done each night... we were done!  Both kiddos were out like a light around 8pm, so we're Scott and I.  


The next morning before the water park opened the lodge had their Wolf Walk where Emily was read a story, learned about animals, and learned the wolf howl!


So, will we be going back?  Yes!  We will be going back for sure!  I can't wait for the babes to be in the water again at the lodge, they really did have so much fun!  I really can't think of any cons or negatives about the lodge either.  It's the perfect place to go for any age, even adults!


Emily and Brody's swim suits are from Stella Cove.