Baby Fever!


Why is it that once you become a parent and your baby is a year or two old, you start wanting another one?!  Is everyone like this?  No, just me?  I know I'm not alone.  Scott and I are extremely fortunate seeing as how we have had two uneventful pregnancies and overall two good births, and two amazing and healthy little ones.  Brody is 15 months old now, Emily is almost three and a half and the baby fever has set in yet again. 

I swore up and down after Brody was born that I was 100% done with babies.  Nope, not me, no...more...babies.  But then I see Brody's little feet and they're so big and he's so independent now!  He doesn't need me like he used to anymore and is becoming more and more expressive.  We even started him in daycare 4 days a week for 6 hours a day.  It's super helpful for sure, especially since I have days during the week off so I am able to shop and attempt to clean, along with sleeping and showering and all that fun stuff.  I feel like there are so many pros to having another baby but cons too. 


I don't know, part of me thinks I could handle another baby but then I think back to life with a colicky baby and wonder how I ever made it through.  So,,,here's to the future and whatever happens will be in HIS hands and at HIS will!  We shall see!