The Best Shoes For Foot Development!


Let's talk baby feet, shall we?  Baby feet aren't "ready to walk" on when they're born, we all know that.  Their little feet need to develop enough strength to actually walk.  Once they do begin taking those first amazing steps, it's recommended by pediatricians and podiatrists to have shoes made of natural materials that hold up well for learning walkers that are non-restrictive. 


Enter: Freshly Picked moccasins.  Freshly Picked has been around making baby and toddler moccasins since 2009 and they know their way around a shoe!  I love these moccasins because, to me, they mimic the feeling of having bare feet for Brody.  Having these shoes on clearly protects his little feet from scraps and such but also allows his foot to properly develop.

Brody has started to be so strong willed lately, which is a love-hate thing for me, so I generally let him walk around the store with me now when I have time to wander.  He of course loves it and is a huge hit with everyone he comes in contact with.  He's so fast, though!  Dang kid, slow it down! Haha! 

I'll link the color Brody is wearing here!


Shop Brody's tee here, it's so soft!